6 Stylish and Trendy Outfit Ideas for Summer

yuHere are 6 fabulous summer outfit ideas for you.

1. Feel flowy and comfy

Women who are fond of wearing loose dresses will definitely enjoy doing this. Flowy cotton dresses are perfect for summer because light to wear, is important because you have to stay cool and classy even in the warmth of summer. Make sure to choose dresses are light in color such as white and yellow to somehow alleviate the heat of the sun. If you’re thinking of shoes, try sneakers to maintain that comfy feeling.

2. Classic tank

A very classic in summer involves your tank top and boyfriend pants. This pair never gets out of style especially during the sunny days because it flatters your body shape at the same time sprinkles some glam on your get-up. Create this along with wearing a sun hat and your most-loved sunglasses.

3. The Crop Top Fever

Crop tops have been rounds in countless fashion magazines and shows. Undoubtedly, it is the latest in the world of midriffs and hanging shirts. You can be very flexible with crop tops because you can wear it with pants, shorts, and even

Choosing a Bag Based on Your Body Shape

beThe bag you carry with you each day will affect your overall look. Surprisingly this is something many women don’t take into consideration when buying a bag, which is why you may want to pay a little closer attention to a design that will enhance your look and compliment your shape now and in the future.

Women who have larger hips will find that a shoulder bag with short straps that they can carry under their arm or they can wear just above their hips is the best option. A shoulder bag with adjustable straps is the best option for you if you have wide hips, as you can adjust where the bag sits based on your torso length, ensuring that the bag doesn’t enhance your hips, but rather compliments them.

If you have a larger bust, then you are going to want to take the attention away from your upper torso, which means choosing a shoulder bag with a longer strap. Again choose a bag with an adjustable strap so you have complete control on where your bag sits, you may find the bag sitting

Designer Clothes – Worth Your Money

dewYou know you want to own at least a piece of designer clothing, right? But as you whip out your wallet, the content tells you “No”. That is the way it has been for many people, they want it but they cannot afford it. The price of designer clothing has shunned people away, at the end of the day, why wear a super pricey coat when you can get one cheaper and serves the same purpose? The question remains, is there a difference? I think it depends on a few factors, whether you have the money, how often you are wearing them or are you buying for the sake of showing off? Below are a few factors why designer clothes could actually be worth your money, even when the price is sky-high.

1) Style and cut

Guess what? The style and cut of designer clothing are almost always nicer and better fitting. When fashion designers create their clothes, do you think they simply take an hour to draw and then throw the design to the fashion department to make the outfit and then boom, done. That

When Technology Meets Fashion

When the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, otherwise known as technology converges with the latest trend and style, known as fashion, what do we get? Exuberance. For many years now, the line that separates technology and fashion are blurring, and collaborations between tech giants and fashion leaders are more frequent than ever.

In these days, fashion is more than just clothes. The invention of smartphones and tablets are also integrated into fashion itself, because they are status symbols. Connected objects like smartwatches and Google Glass are also some supreme quality innovation by the world’s best engineers. Without doubt, here are some of the best wearables that meets fashion.

1) Beats by Dr. Dre

The sublime quality-sounding headphones outlined by the jazzy exterior colors are simply irresistible, though it costs a bomb. These headphones and speakers created a big hoo-ha amongst numerous star-studded musicians and even sportspersons. Rihanna, Will.I.am, Pharrell Williams, Kobe Bryant, Serena Williams et cetera, are all known to love this brand, and ever since, people on the streets, in the subway and at work have all started to use Beats Audio, and this phenomenon does not seem to slow down as Beats were valued at US$ 1 Billion in

Five Benefits of Wearing a T-Shirt Bra

Most of the women still don’t know the difference between an ordinary bra and a t-shirt bra; the latter is quite in demand in the market because those women, who know about it, don’t wish to get out of it. No matter what kind of an innerwear you wear, if you are not comfortable in it, you can’t stand the thought of living without it.

But are there are benefits of wearing a specific type of bra?

Yes – I am here to tell you about the top five advantages of wearing the famous t-shirt bra. Read below to know about them:

1) They don’t make you look bulky at all: Even if you belong to the plus size category, you deserve to look slimmer and prettier. But how can you look good when you are chubby? Don’t worry – all you need to do is select the right kind of bra to wear inside those t-shirts that you wear, casually and regularly. Once you wear such innerwear, you know that there is absolutely nothing that you need to be worried about, with regards to your figure.

2) You can wear them to gym as well: It is quite difficult for you to buy

Choose A Versatile Handbag When Going With Black

Black handbags are among the most functional items in the closet as they hold all the necessary items for the day and keep valuable safe from theft and damage. No look is quite complete without one. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when faced with the plethora of choices on the market today when it comes to handbags. They come in many colors, styles and prices but by following this guide, one will have all they need in just five bags!

The Leather Day Satchel

Add to the black handbags collection a leather day satchel. This is a handled bag that is medium to large size and it can hold all the essentials. Having it in a neutral color, if not black is important such as white, tan or grey. Choose one without heavy logos or hardware on it to keep it basic.

The Day Clutch

A day clutch is a black handbag that’s tailored and has a neat appearance. The daytime clutch is a perfect option for someone who doesn’t mind taking note of what goes in and comes out on the daily, otherwise it can get very cluttered as it’s a smaller pouch. While cute, not much fits in other than a tube

Design Your Own Shirt And Flaunt Your Creative Side To The World

Buying online is good unless you think about customization and personalization benefits. As a buyer, you are still not offered the freedom to design your own product and put your imagination to some use. The scenario seems to be changing, only partially though as designers tools are making their way in the market to change the way we shop. Such tools come packed with advanced features and functionalities to help buyers design their own products, including shirts. In fact, some online stores or web shops are reported to have integrated such kind of a tool to give a sense of unique freedom of their customer base.

If such tools have really entered the market, they will then surely change the rule of the game. They will bring a complete transformation to the way things are sold and bought on the internet. Take for example, having such tools integrated with a website means buyers needn’t rely on the available stock at the shopper. Which means, anyone can just visit their favourite shop, use the tool, design their own shirt, make changes in its features and then, send it to final printing or output. The idea behind a designing tool looks fantastic and

Buying Designer Denim Tips & Facts

It’s a scary world out there and today, there are countless retailers who are trying to make their profit by selling inauthentic goods to unsuspecting consumers. Your best bet is to educate yourself, search for reviews from the site where you are buying, and do your best to know what you are getting.

Here we show some tips to ensuring you are getting what you want: a premium product.

    • Plenty of fake designer denim comes with “tags” and “authenticity cards”; these are not necessarily proof that the item is legit.


    • It’s important to do your homework before buying to know what the tag from a certain brand of jeans is supposed to look like. While designers change everything from hardware to topstitch on each pair of jeans, tags are almost always standard.


    • Know that there’s no such thing as a “direct manufacturer” or designer clothing “factory-direct” from China… All the top designer brands are retailed from wholesalers in the US. This doesn’t mean that certain products are not made in China; the presence of a “Made in China” tag is not necessarily a sign of an inauthentic product. What it does mean is that, while some legitimate goods are made in China, you should

Fashion Ideas for Men

Are you still trying to decide what you are going to wear for your Matric Farewell dance? Your date probably has the most gorgeous dress imaginable, but you can’t think of a way to match her. Rest assured that these ideas will help you look fantastic.

Luckily the girl always knows what colours to wear to her Matric Farewell. She probably told you that she wants you to wear the same colour. She might not have thought that out properly, since her dress is the colour of scarlet. Don’t wear a bold colour as the suit, wear it as your shirt or tie. You will be seen by your class mates so there’s no need to worry that no one will notice you.

If your girlfriend has generously asked you to pick the theme, what are your first ideas? You want to look good on this day. A part of you is eager enough to wear something that will dramatically stand out, but another is telling you that you should probably tone it down. Don’t do something dramatic unless it’s a group thing.

The theme may be related to the illustrious Red Carpet events. The first thing most people think about is

Reality Check! Decode the Wardrobe Turn-Offs for Men

Sometimes, it can seem like men and women simply speak different languages. So often, it seems like we are getting mixed messages. Men say they like the natural look, but actually, what turns their head is the woman with flawless makeup. So what really are men’s turn-offs? This exact question was asked to men on Reddit and resulted in some very interesting responses and conversations.

Turn-Off #1: Uggs. I know it is almost sacrilegious. How dare they complain about the shoes that bring so much joy and comfort to households everywhere? Are our feet supposed to remain naked as we cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie or when we make a last-minute trip to the grocery store because we are out of kale (or wine… same difference)? The truth is that if you are trying to catch his eye, leave the Uggs at home.

Turn-Off #2: Sweatpants with sayings on the butt. Good Lord, is nothing sacred? First, the Uggs and now the sweatpants. But having a saying on the butt is cute and sassy. Having “Pink” or “Angel” on your Victoria’s Secret sweats makes them sexy, right? That’s why all the models in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show

Surprise! Cute Workout Clothes Are Not Always Actual Workout Clothes

You can blame Jane Fonda in her little leotard, Richard Simmons and his little shorts, or even your P.E. teacher for making us think that there are certain clothes that you must wear to workout. But they were wrong about that, just like they thought that step aerobics was not an exercise trend and would continue into the millennium. To have cute workout clothes, your attire does not actually have to be real workout clothing that you maxed out your American Express at Lululemon for. You probably have these items in your closet right now, and they would like to be invited to your next workout.

To have cute workout clothes, you need t-shirts. We all have t-shirts. Lots of them. You probably have cute graphic tees that you wear all the time. You might have solid color ones, striped ones, polka dot ones, or even ones that say, “Have a nice day.” These stylish t-shirts of yours can actually make an appearance at the gym or even work as a cover-up that you put on when you enter and exit the gym. You’ll be stylish while you wait for the next available treadmill.

Another great warm-up and cover-up item is a

Which Shoes Can Transform You Into a Bombshell and Make Men Fall Head Over Heels

So you want to know which shoes can turn you into a bombshell. Is that what you came here to find out? You think this is going to be about how to buy stripper shoes and what sort of disguise you can wear to go purchase these shoes alongside women named Cinnamon, Candy, and Cookie who are paying all in one dollar bills.

Well then, this is not the article for you. This is about how to become a bombshell and wear shoes that could actually be seen in the light of day in the halls of your office, on the school grounds with your kids, and (dare I say) even in the sanctuary of your church. Your foot does not have to be at a 90-degree angle to transform into a bombshell; you just have to think a little bit more about how your shoes may be perceived by the opposite sex.

Option #1: Of course, this article would include a stiletto. What bombshell does not have a stiletto? An ex-bombshell, that’s who. But I don’t want this to be all about a stiletto and how it can make your legs look longer and you butt look higher or how even

Who Are the Best Makeup Bloggers to Follow Online

For those who are just getting into makeup and beauty, it can be difficult to know who the best makeup bloggers to follow online are. Here are some tips and advice to help you decide the best gurus to follow for you.

Some of the best makeup bloggers to follow online are on YouTube, which is a video clip sharing site where many beauty tutorials are uploaded. There is an enormous amount makeup artists on here now, many whom have hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers. There are styles and tastes for everyone, so it is not hard to find someone who is popular and who you like.

To spot a great makeup blogger you should look not at the number of followers that they have – although this is obviously an indicator of quality in many cases – but also the techniques and products that the person uses. You should also pay attention to how much knowledge they have of the beauty products that they are using.

Those who can recommend makeup looks or products specifically for rosacea or acne for example, have a clear understanding of what they are doing, and you can often judge by their finished looks

5 Aspects You Need to Take Care of While Getting a Wedding Dress

Having butterflies in your stomach as your wedding day is coming nearer? It’s normal in these circumstances to have jitters as there are so many things to worry about. Will the venue be booked in time, what kind of food you will have in your ceremony, from where to order the cake; these are some of the major concern for a couple. But most importantly, couples are worried about their wedding dress and if they well fare well or not. Don’t underestimate the fact that they matter a lot because these are ones which you are going to wear in the most important day of your life and that will be the attire which will come in every picture on that day. Precisely for this reason, it is very important to ensure that whatever you will wear on that special day is perfect.

Alterations matter a lot

Wedding attires are unlike others which you can just buy from a retail outlet. These need to be tailored to fit you according to your size. You don’t want an ill-fitted gown or loosely fitting suit on the day when everyone’s attention will be on you.

Good tailoring is worth the cost: Even at some of

4 Tips on Choosing the Right Men’s Tailor

You may have often noticed that women forever seem to be more particular about how their clothes fit them, unlike men who do not bother much about how it fits. With every passing day, men seem to be more conscious of how they look and therefore there is an increasing demand for well-fitted clothes for men. The tailors too have gained popularity that is, in turn, making men look good and smart. Most men would agree to the fact that even if they purchase clothing from a store, it would require alterations to make it fit perfectly on the body. It not only enhances the body but also brings out the sense of fashion that a man possesses.

One would often find multiple clothing stores that have men’s tailors associated with them. There are independent tailors too who have their stores and invite people to come over for alterations or allowing men to customise their clothing and getting it stitched according to their choice. While you make a choice on the tailor that can help you with your clothing needs, here are a few tips that can be considered.

• Get references from your friends and neighbours – They are the best

Ten Lehengas for the Wedding

You have had zillions of dreams about your bridal garb you have vowed to yourself that you would look pretty in the wedding photographs which are going to be preserved for posterity.

So how are you planning to look your best on the wedding day?

A few teaser designs of bridal lehenga to get you hooked and asking for more:

Stylish Apparel Cooking up a Storm

Amongst all wedding dresses, the bridal lehenga choli is indeed all the rage currently.

Young women about to embark on their new journey trust this beautiful garment to make them look resplendent and glowing on their fateful day.

The ideas which should shape their planning.

Take a sneak peek:

    • Colors, yes whenever we think of a wedding ensemble we think of rich bright colors. Red, fuschia, oranges and so on. But during summers these colors sometimes seem too heavy so nowadays brides go for fresh colors like mint, coral champagne beiges to give it a refreshing twist.


    • Apart from colors, there are patterns like floral, delicate and intricate patterns which would beautify your stunning outfit any part of the day.


    • Embroidery jazzes up any plain texture, especially the bridal lehengas. Delicate or heavy like zardozi make sure your wedding sarees or Indian dresses have

Why Masonic Aprons Are Given High Regard

The Masonic apron is by far one of the most symbolic of all Masonic regalia. There is so much symbolism that goes into it that people take extreme measures to keep them in pristine condition, using special regalia cases to ensure they are not subjected to the usual wear and tear that comes through time.

But why is there a need for a special Masonic regalia apron case? What secrets do these aprons hold that make them so valuable?

The Masonic apron is reminiscent of the working aprons that ancient stone masons wore. It is a badge of a Freemason, an emblem of innocence that transcends a lot of other Masonic symbols.

The Masonic apron is given such high regard that it is compared to a number of noble decorations used in Europe.

  • The Order of the Golden Fleece

An Order of Knighthood, it was established in France in 1429. It is one of the most illustrious orders in Europe. What’s notable about this is that it uses fleece, one of the primary products of the country. Similarly, the Masonic apron is also made of lambskin.

  • The Order of the Garter

The Order of the Garter is the highest possible decoration that can be given to any

Learn About Leather and Always Choose the Best

It’s important first and foremost to understand the three different types of leather. The type can usually be located on the bottom side or inside a leather good. The leather quality will be stamped appropriately with genuine leather, full grain, or top grain leather. Whether buying a leather handbag, briefcase, shoes or a jacket it’s important to know just what to look for.

Genuine leather

This not only means the product in hand is made of true leather, but surprisingly it tells the buyer that this is the lowest quality of any products available. Confusing, right?

Anyone that wants a long lasting, good looking leather handbag should avoid genuine leather. It’s common in belts, shoes and bags found in value shops and stores, and oddly costs more than it’s worth – especially in the mall where shoppers think they are getting primo goods, but are unaware that “genuine” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it’s made up of layers of low quality leather that are glued and painted to mimic their high-quality counterparts. We’re talking layers of scrap from the good portions being cut away.

This grade is okay when it comes to leather, but only if the wearer is unconcerned

A Businessman’s Professional Finishing Touches

Accessories for men give that important first impression. Not only for the boss or business associates, but for the ladies. Business dress today can range from formal to casual, but the definition of each would depend on the office environment and industry. For every level of attire, a gentleman can always look his best with a few sophisticated touches.

A quality watch that is simple, but elegant will give a professional look that will also keep you on schedule. Checking the time on your cell phone during a lunch or meeting can look disrespectful or disengaging.

Professional style footwear is a must to give a polished finish. A high-end pair of leather shoes will be worth the investment in both appearance and long-term wear. Like women, men’s shoes can offer a bit of personal flair to any wardrobe. Not having the right shoes shows that you do not care about your appearance and not serious about your work or worse that you are unable to afford a decent pair.

A nice leather belt should be worn with any pair of pants that have belt loops to have a clean business appearance. Latest style trends state that your belt and shoes do not have

Swirled Rubber Wristbands

Swirled wristbands have two or three colors swirled together around the band for a tie-dyed effect. They are great for schools, sports teams, charity organizations, businesses or just about any fan of tie-dyed colors. Swirled wristbands are available in debossed, embossed, silk screen and debossed painted styles. If you want to add eye-catching color to your wristbands without exceeding your marketing budget, swirled bands are the best option.

Consumer Uses

You can wear a band for various reasons-as a way to raise awareness, at a school event, for a family reunion and more. Rubber wristbands are great fashion accessories, especially when they are personalized. These are very popular, and you can make them a perfect choice for promoting events, campaigns, fundraising, and awareness.

Corporate Uses

Because they can be customized with a company’s logo and slogan, wristbands are effective and affordable marketing tools for advertising products and services-especially considering the increasing price of TV, radio, or print ads. Plus, they can promote a business or website for brand-building and to increase market presence. Many companies order silicone bracelets as giveaways for promotions. Even more, wristbands can carry special offers as part of a business promotion, which encourages increased traffic to the business. And that